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BCMS Webchat
You can now use our Webchat service Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm. Webchat can help with general cattle keeping and movement requirements. If you have a specific question, please call our helpline. Webchat is only available in the English language. More information can be found on our Contact BCMS page.
I need to register a cattle birth but the ear tag does not show in the drop down list
You must order both primary and secondary ear tags from an ear tag manufacturer to enable the tags to appear in your drop down list. You can then complete the birth registration. If you have any questions, please email us at bcmsenquiries@rpa.gov.uk, or call the helpline on 0345 050 1234, Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.
How to get a replacement passport
You can download a copy of the CPP9 form to request a replacement passport from GOV.UK by searching for ‘CPP9A’. Once you’ve completed the form, please email it to bcmsenquiries@rpa.gov.uk.
Passport Amendments
If you have recently sent your passports for amendments, please wait 14 days before contacting us regarding their status.
What can I do with CTS Online?
You can use CTS Online to report births and movements, on and off your holding. You will receive notification that we have received this information. At any time, you can ensure that we hold an accurate record of your cattle. You can also transfer data files to and from a spreadsheet or a farm management package.
"A very easy and quick method. It saves a lot of time, and there is not the same chance of errors in reading the tag numbers from the application forms, and you are not relying on the post."
CTS Online is simple, efficient and free. It saves you time and paperwork and is always available. By working online, you can be confident that all records are accurate and that you will receive your passports with no delays.
Agent Access

If you wish to appoint an agent or you are an agent and wish to enrol you can find out more about Agent Access by clicking here.

How do I get started?

Preparing to use CTS Online is a three step process. You will only need to go through the first two steps once.

  1. Register with the Government Gateway
  2. Enrol for CTS Online
  3. Log in to CTS Online
  1. If you do not have a Government Gateway User ID, you will need to register for Government Gateway before you can enrol for CTS Online.
    For instructions on how to Register for Government Gateway follow the
    Registration and Enrolment Process
  2. If you have not yet enrolled to the BCMS CTS Online service you will need to do so. You will need your CPH number and CTS Online ID to enrol for the service
    For instructions on how to enrol for the BCMS CTS Online service, follow the
    Registration and Enrolment Process
  3. If you have successfully enrolled for the BCMS CTS Online service, click the 'Log in' button to access the service. You will need your Government Gateway User ID and password to login.