The following applications are available:
  • Cattle Tracing System (CTS) Online - the easy way to check and report your cattle information.
  • Sheep & Goat Ear Tag Allocation System (ETAS) - for suppliers of ear tags, boluses and pasterns to obtain unique identification numbers on behalf of Sheep and Goat keepers.
  • MERMAN - Marine Environment Monitoring and Assessment National Database. The National Marine Monitoring Programme (NMMP) was established to provide a coordinated approach to environmental monitoring in coastal and estuarine areas. MERMAN contains results of all chemical, biological effects assessments for the NMMP performed in the UK from 1990.
  • SPIRE - SPIRE is Defra's Shared Spatial Information Services application and aims to improve the quality and accessibility of geographic information (GI) leading to the wider use of GI within the Defra family, to enable better performance towards strategic outcomes and to support evidence based policy making and delivery. For more information contact
  • ALVS Helpdesk - ALVS Helpdesk facility to allow users to check data received by ALVS.


Defra Applications

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